Weekly Subscription News: Mixcloud, Malvertising and Martha Stewart

Featuring YouTube, iOS, Conde Nast, Volvo and Yahoo Finance

Weekly Subscription News: Mixcloud

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As we enter the holiday season, there is plenty of subscription news and good cheer to spread around. This week, iOS users in the U.S. were targeted by a massive malvertising campaign, Yahoo Finance, Martha Stewart and BloomsBox.com announced subscription services and a Fox executive predicts that more subscription services will succumb to the pressure from competition and lack of sufficient subscribers to sustain and justify their services.

YouTube Premium Is Changing Because It Has To
The Verge

U.S. iOS Users Targeted by Massive Malvertising Campaign

Conde Nast Searches for Global CEO, Combines U.S. and International Arms
Media Post

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Yahoo Finance Is Launching a Subscription Service

Martha Stewart and BloomsyBox.com Launch Floral Subscription Partnership

More Subscription Streaming Services Will Go Down, Predicts Fox Exec

California Dealer Group Asks Volvo to Halt Subscription Service in the State
Automotive News

Mixcloud Launches Bespoke Low-Price Subscription Model