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Weekly Subscription News: Fraud, Ad Integration and Satellite Internet

Featuring YouTube, Comcast, T-Mobile, SpaceX and TikTok

This has certainly been an eventful week. We’re going to finish it off with some interesting subscription news. Feds in Minnesota have charged 60 in a $335 million magazine scam that defrauded seniors across the country, Comcast now has more streaming subscribers than cable subscribers, and T-Mobile is expanding into live internet TV with its new TVision streaming service.

Also, YouTube hits $5 billion in ad revenue and 30 million in premium and music subscribers, Disney Plus is allowing users to share content on social media and messaging apps, and SpaceX shares the price tag for its Starlink satellite internet subscription service.

Scott Painter Launches New Vehicle Subscription Company “NXCR”
Auto Remarketing

YouTube Hits $5B in Ad Revenue, 30M Premium and Music Subscribers in Q3

Feds in Minnesota Charge 60 in $335M Magazine Fraud that Defrauded Seniors Nationwide
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Comcast’s Streaming Subscribers Surpass Its Cable Subscribers for the First Time
The New York Times

T-Mobile Expands into Live Internet TV with New TVision Streaming Service
The Verge

Disney Plus Now Lets Users Share Content on Social Media, Messaging Apps

SpaceX Shares How Much a Starlink Satellite Internet Subscription Will Cost
Digital Trends

TikTok Links Up with Shopify for Ad Integration Amid Social Commerce Push

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