Weekly Subscription News: Art Projects, Pay Cuts and Video Piracy

Featuring HBO Max, Nike, Mint, Wonder Woman and Tinker Art Studio

Subscription companies are making big plans for 2021. AT&T plans to add an ad-supported version of streaming service HBO Max, Nike focuses on direct-to-consumer sales, and the Tampa Bay Times outsources printing and cuts staff pay 10%. Also this week, Mint offers new features to track subscriptions and manage transactions, Facebook is working on a redesign for pages that will eliminate the ‘like’ button, and Tinker Art Studio launches a subscription box full of art projects for kids ages 4 to 8.

AT&T Eyes AVOD Service for HBO Max to Widen Customer Base
Media Play News

Nike Plans Steady Digital Push in 2021 as Direct-to-Consumer Sales Grow
Digital Media Solutions

Netflix Increases Subscription Prices for UK Viewers

Tampa Bay Times Will Outsource Printing, Cuts Staff Pay 10%
Media Post

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Mint Is Getting New Features to Track Subscriptions & Manage Transactions
The Verge

Facebook Redesigns Pages with a More Simplified Layout and No ‘Like’ Button

Wonder Woman 1984 Foreshadows Hollywood’s Giant Video Piracy Problem

Tinker Art Studio Launches Subscription Box Packed with Kids’ Arts Projects
Daily Camera