Harry & David Launches Subscription Box Service with Monthly Treats

One of several new features to boost their online shopping appeal

Harry and David Launches Subscription Box Service with Monthly Treats

Source: Harry and David

Just in time for holiday shopping, Harry & David has announced a new food subscription service which delivers tasty treats directly to subscribers or gift recipients doors each month. This new, pay-as-you-go subscription service features the gourmet companys most popular sweet and savory treats, including Moose Munch Premium Popcorn and Chocolate Decadence Cake. Shoppers can also choose from one of Harry & Davids five new curated discovery boxes, each available for $29.99. These boxes are themed: Sweets, Variety, Pantry, Fruit and Premium Popcorn and offer a rotating selection each month.

Get your favorite Harry & David gourmet foods delivered right to your door every month with a subscription. While this new and exciting option is great for making sure you always have the items you love on hand, you can also send subscription gifts to friends and family. Its a delicious subscription gift idea they can enjoy every month, for as many months as you choose. Monthly subscription gifts are a great way to remind the special people in your life that they are often on your mind, says Harry & Davids subscription page.

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Harry and David Launches Subscription Box Service with Monthly Treats

Source: Harry and David

The new subscription service is part of the gourmet food companys transition to being more digital friendly. Other changes include a lightning fast mobile website, personalized shopping experiences, gift finders, easier search options and more discovery features.

The ongoing investments we are making across our digital channels are not only contributing to the strong online sales growth we’ve been experiencing at Harry & David but are allowing us to deepen our engagement with new and existing customers, said Harry & David president Steve Lightman. While our digital transformation continues, we believe these latest enhancements will further streamline the shopping experience, making it easier than ever for shoppers to share a smile with someone as they cross off items on their gift lists.

Harry & David is part of the 1-800-FLOWERS.com Inc. brand family, and it is striving to keep up with the competition. It hopes that improving the online shopping experience for customers will help them stand out.

Personalized experience: The company is using a buyers shopping history and data to provide shoppers with a more relevant and personalized experience. When repeat customers return to the Harry & David website, the home page will greet them by name and the content will be personalized. Emails and display ads will also be tailored so each customer has a unique experience.

Gift finder: With a new gift finder tool, shoppers will receive product recommendations by answering three questions – who is this for? Whats the occasion? Whats your budget?

SmartGift: Need a last-minute gift but dont have a lot of time to shop? Harry & David offers a SmartGift feature that allows the shopper to select a gift for Harry & David to deliver digitally via email, text or a messenger application. The recipient will get the gift right away and can thank the gift giver digitally.

Celebrations Passport: For $29.99 a year, members of the Celebrations Passport loyalty reward program save on shipping and service charges for a full year on purchases from any of the 1-800-FLOWERS.com brands including Harry & David, The Popcorn Factory, Cheryls Cookies, 1-800-FLOWERS.com and more.

Insider Take:

As someone who does a lot of holiday shopping online, I am excited to see these new features and gift options at Harry & David. By being able to shop at the last minute and using a mobile device, Harry & David has made shopping easier. The faster load time, personalized recommendations and subscriptions are great features. I particularly love the subscription option. It is a great way to remember someone year-round, long after the holiday decorations are packed away for another year. Harry & David has made it easy – and easy online shopping creates loyal customers. Subscriptions do too, helping Harry & David remain top of mind while also providing them with some less seasonal recurring revenue.