Weekly Subscription News: Apple News, Apple TV and Apple CEO

Featuring MoviePass, Scroll, Fox Nation, Loot Crate and Apple

Weekly Subscription News: Apple News

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Everything’s coming up Apples, or so it would seem looking at this week’s subscription headlines. In addition to Apple’s success with the news app and its plans to launch its own streaming TV service in 2019, MoviePass’s owner is spinning off the company to be its own public company, MoviePass Entertainment Holdings. Also this week, Fox Nation is premiering this month, digital news startup Scroll is already expanding and it hasn’t even launched yet, and publishers are abandoning Snapchat’s sinking ship. 

MoviePass Owner to Spin Off Embattled Subscription Service
NBC News 

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Digital News Startup Scroll Expands Ahead of 2019 Launch
Wall Street Journal

Apple News Hits 90 Million Readers as Rumored Subscription Service Nears
The Verge

Fox Nation, the Fox News Streaming Service for Superfans, Will Premier in November

Loot Crate to Sell Subscription Boxes on Amazon
Los Angeles Business Journal

Snapchat Is Doing Badly and Publishers Are Getting Out
Nieman Lab

Apple’s Subscription TV Platform Will Debut in 2019

Apple CEO Calls for GDPR-Inspired U.S. Regulations Following Privacy Moves Stateside
Media Post