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Weekly Subscription News: At-Home Delivery, Free Music and Extortion

Featuring Quibi, Wink, Fair, Tidal, Canva and DispatchTrack

In this week’s subscription news, Quibi adds free episodes to YouTube to grow subscribers, smart home brand Wink is accused with extortion over new subscription charges, and Tidal makes a deal with Walmart to offer four free months of music and a discounted subscription with certain purchases. Also this week, Peloton boasts big revenue and membership numbers to shareholders, DispatchTrack raises $144 million for SaaS-powered at-home delivery solutions, and Canva adds 15 times more content to its Pro subscription.

Quibi Places Free Episodes on YouTube to Grow Subscribers
Los Angeles Times

NBCUniversal Signs Exclusive 5-Year Deal With Taboola Across Digital News Sites
Publishers Daily

Fair Hires New CEO to Grow Vehicle Subscription Platform Amid Digital Auto Shift
Yahoo Finance

Get 4 Months of Free Tidal & Discounted Subscription with a Purchase at Walmart

DispatchTrack Scores $144M for At-Home Delivery Solutions Powered by SaaS
Crunchbase News

Peloton’s Shareholder Letter Reports Revenue and Membership Surges

Canva Adds 15 Times More Content to Pro Subscription

Dish’s Sling TV Takes Big Q1 Subscriber Hit Due To COVID-19
Television News Daily

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