PlayStation Now Subscriptions Available in the UK for £12.99 Month

Unlimited access to 150+ games in the PlayStation Now library

Subscription News: PlayStation Now Subscriptions Available in the UK for £12.99 Month

Source: Sony Playstation

PlayStation owners in the U.K. can now play their favorite games with a PlayStation Now monthly subscription, says Engadget. For £12.99 a month, gamers have unlimited access to 150+ games in the PlayStation Now library, following a 7-day free trial. As an alternative to the subscription, users can rent individual games from £3 to £10 for 2- or 30-day periods. Sony launched PlayStation Now, a streaming game service, in the U.S. earlier this year. In the U.S., a monthly subscription is $19.99 a month, or users can purchase a three-month package for $44.99, offering a slight discount.

With the cloud-based PlayStation Now, PS4 users can play PS3 games on their systems without having to use a disc, solving an incompatibility issue for PS4 owners who couldn’t play some of their favorite PS3 games on the newer console. Another big benefit to using PlayStation Now versus games discs is that users no longer have to download or install games or fixes. Sony makes any needed changes in the cloud, providing users with a seamless gaming experience.

Sony explains: “The vision for PS Now is to enable users to instantly enjoy a wide range of full games on the Internet-connected consumer electronics devices they use every day. The accessibility of PS Now means, for example, that PS4 users in the living room can continue playing a game on a PS3 system in their bedroom. Or PS Vita users can enjoy instant access to a game wherever there’s Wi-Fi connectivity, such as outdoors, then can switch to a supporting Bravia TV’s big screen and play the same game after arriving home.”

PlayStation Now is available on multiple devices:

  • PS4
  • PS3 consoles
  • PS Vita, a portable gaming device
  • Compatible Sony Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players

Subscription News: PlayStation Now Subscriptions Available in the UK for £12.99 Month

Source: Sony PlayStation

In addition to the U.K. launch of PlayStation Now, Sony has released 13 “dangerously fun” games to its subscription offering this week. SHOCKTOBER includes titles like All Zombies Must Die, Costume Quest 2, Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge, and Deception IV: Blood Ties. These spooky titles join 15 similar, equally gory titles already available through PlayStation Now. The ratings for these games range from ages 10+ to mature. In related news, Sony announced last week that it is preparing for the holiday rush by dropping prices for its PS4 gaming consoles to $349.99, and offering special bundled packages, ranging in price from $349.99 to $429.99.

Insider Take:

Sony seems to have bounced back from last year’s holiday season hacking saga. It has been able to launch PlayStation Now in the U.S. and U.K., with more countries to follow, and it expanded its subscription gaming library from 100 to 150+ titles over the last nine months. By offering a subscription option to its U.S. and U.K. customers, Sony has been able to leverage the loyalty of PlayStation gamers to add a new revenue stream to its bottom line. Well played, Sony. Well played.