Kia Uses Zuora to Offer Connected Car Services via Subscription

Subscribers choose from four plans to access premium services for their Kia vehicles.

Kia Uses Zuora to Offer Connected Car Services via Subscription

Source: Kia Motors

Last week, subscription management platform Zuora, Inc. announced that it has partnered with Kia Motors to offer UVO link, a suite of connected vehicle services available via subscription. Accessible through the Kia Access with UVO link app, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Kia owner’s online portal, subscribers get to choose the subscription package and services that best meet their needs. Meanwhile, Kia gets access to customer data through the Zuora platform.

“Be ready for whatever life throws your way with UVO link. Gain access to emergency help, information about your vehicle, remote features, and a lot more,” says Kia on their website. “Find your perfect fit. Subscribe to the level of UVO that’s right for you.”

Kia Uses Zuora to Offer Connected Car Services via Subscription

Source: Kia Motors

Subscribers can choose from four plans (Lite, Care, Plus and Ultimate) offering a wide range of features and services including remote commands to start, lock and unlock their Kia vehicles, location tracker, ­­climate control, 911 Connect, roadside assistance, monthly vehicle health reports, and more. Using the freemium model, the Lite plan is complimentary for the first five years of Kia ownership. The other plans are priced as follows:

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  • Care: $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year
  • Plus: $22.50 a month or $225 a year
  • Ultimate: $29.79 a month or $297 a year
Kia Uses Zuora to Offer Connected Car Services via Subscription

Source: Kia Motors

“Connected services are the future of the automotive industry. Our launch of subscription-based software will not only help us open up new revenue streams, but will fuel our goal to become a truly customer-centric organization,” said Orth Hedrick, executive director for car products and connected car at Kia Motors North America Inc., in a March 3 announcement. “With Zuora’s platform, we have the ability to quickly and easily iterate our connected services in order to deliver continuous value to Kia customers across the globe.”

Kia’s UVO service is not new. It was launched on a limited basis in 2009 and was released more broadly as UVO link in 2018. Before Kia could take advantage of the growing subscription economy, however, Kia needed the right platform to support subscriptions, billing, acquisition, onboarding, etc. Using Zuora’s platform, Kia created the infrastructure necessary to support its new and improved UVO link service to subscribers.

“Customers now enjoy a simple and smart connected car experience with both visibility into the services they subscribe to as well as the flexibility to easily self-manage their subscriptions,” said Zuora.

Insider Take:

What we love even more than the ice cream comparison is that Kia has found a new way for auto manufacturers to participate in the subscription economy – without another overpriced car subscription. Instead, Kia focused on services like the modern-day conveniences we have come to expect as connected consumers. Starting at $0 and going up to $29.79 a month, Kia owners can choose the package that best meets their needs. The partnership between Zuora and Kia is a natural one with Zuora making it easy for Kia to plug and play its new subscription offerings and making them scalable for future growth. Bravo.