Subscriber Retention

It’s no secret that the most important thing you can do as a subscription merchant is keeping your paying customers happy and coming back for more – keep them renewing, that is! That’s why customer retention is the lifeblood of subscription revenue and should be at the top of any priority list for any business operating in the subscription economy.

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Why Subscription Retention Rates Slip Over Time for Newer Paywalls

Dan Burkhart of Recurly just posted a great chart showing why it's dangerous for paywalled publishers to forecast revenues based on their first year's retention rates especially if your content was originally free. Your biggest fans and long-term readers of your free content are not only more likely to convert to paying than any other audience, they are also more likely to pay for a lot longer. Old-time fan paid membership accounts tend to have fabulous…

44.7% of SiriusXM’s Promotionally-acquired Subscribers Keep Paying

According to data-crunching from Brad Alvarez of, 47.1% of new subscribers SiriusXM acquired through promotions last quarter, continued to pay for service after their promo term ended. That's a moderately high stick rate for paid content subscriptions. The most surprising data in Brad's report was that SiriusXM has a typical monthly churn rate of just 1.2-2%.That's insanely low churn. In fact, we're not sure how that's possible unless 100% of "involuntary churn" is backed out of…

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