What the Next Generation of Paid Mobile Apps Will Look Like

By Minal Bopaiah

News and information publishers used to have it simple. You chose a medium and then published your information according to that medium’s strengths.

But nowadays, almost every major news or information publisher — and some of the minor ones, too — are multi-media companies. And the digital environment requires more innovation than just cross-platform adoption.

For example, Dennis Publishing and Future PLC are looking to broaden their paid mobile apps, according to a recent article in The Media Briefing. But that doesn’t mean they’re looking to simply offer more digital editions of publications. Rather, the two companies are exploring ways to create more interactive apps which will entice users to subscribe.

The most interactive apps to date are those that incorporate games or tools. One idea is a tailored workout app based on articles in Men’s Fitness. Or an app that lets users shop for cars.

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However, with the plethora of free apps in the current marketplace, it’s going to be hard to convince people to subscribe for just one tool or game. Instead, big publishers can leverage their media presence by buying and investing in tool-like apps and then offering them as a member benefit and retention marketing device to subscribers.