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From subscription offers, free trials, special promotions, marketing copy, auto-renewal notification, consumer privacy, financial reporting, payment processes, and more – there are a lot of laws that subscription, membership, and recurring-revenue companies need to understand and comply with.

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2012 Mobile Marketing Guide Released by FTC in Time for Holidays

Yesterday I wrote about what options subscription and paid content sites had in terms of mobile strategy. Coincidentally, this week also saw the release of the Federal Trade Commission's Mobile Marketing Guide, in time for the 2012 holiday season (If you're looking for great holiday marketing ideas, check out our post on Selling Gift Subscriptions). Once again, the FTC is reminding mobile app creators to be transparent about data practices and build privacy considerations in from the…

FTC Cracks Down on ‘Up To’ Claims, Stating Most Customers Must Receive Maximum Benefit

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued a study indicating that when marketers use the phrase "up to" in claims about their products, many consumers are likely to believe that they will achieve the maximum "up to" results. The study describes how a group of consumers thought replacement home windows purporting to provide "up to 47%" savings in energy costs would provide that much for all or most buyers. The FTC has also been cracking down…

Legal Update: How Data Collection Crackdowns Affect You

Every successful subscription site is collecting information from its users-either for simple transactional reasons or marketing purposes. But the government is cracking down on sites that violate terms of use or simply fail to notify users about privacy policies. Listen to this one-hour Webinar with Attorney Lisa Dubrow to find out what the new FTC regulations are, why you shouldn't say your site is "safe and secure," and how to best inform users about any changes in your terms of use.
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Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.
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FTC Case Could Affect How Payment Processors Address Chargebacks

In these economically-strapped times, the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) is cracking down not only on merchants who swindle consumers, but all parties involved in fraud, including payment processors.Recently, a U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas banned the use of "remotely created payment orders" by Landmark Clearing, Inc. "Remotely created payment orders" allow merchants to enter a client's name and bank number into a form and are cleared like a paper check, except that…

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