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Customer Service can make or break your renewal rate. Customer service, at its core, is ensuring that your subscribers and members are so they will continue doing business with you. Seems simple, right? Yet it’s becoming increasingly complex as the responsibilities of customer service change, the number of customer service channels expand, and customer expectations increase. When you consider that 82% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of bad customer service, you begin to understand the scope of the issue. The good news?  Customer service still comes down to prompt, honest, empathetic communication with your customers, and even small companies can do it well.

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Winnipeg Free Press: Is the Read-Now-Pay-Later News Model Working?

Not yet. In May, The Winnipeg Free Press implemented a paywall, allowing readers to pay as they go instead of subscribing. In its second quarter financials, FP Newspapers reports that 1,300 Free Press readers have signed up to pay $0.27 a story so far. Though the Free press did not reveal how many articles were accessed via the pay-as-you-go model, 1,300 x $0.27 per article is only $351. Even if each reader averaged 10 articles per…

Spotify Users Outraged by New Privacy Policy

Spotify users are outraged at changes to the company's privacy policy, allowing the streaming music service to access photos, contacts, location, sensor data (about your movements) and other personal data from their mobile devices. The timing of the changes, announced earlier this week, comes on the heels of the disclosure of private data of Ashley Madison users.               Wired magazine takes a harsh stance against the policy in its August 20 article "You Can't Do Squat about…

Weekly Subscription News Round-up

Netflix, Facebook and Microsoft are in the subscription headlines this week, along with audio subscriptions, ad-blockers and social media. Here are those headlines and more, in case you missed them: Report: More than 198 Million People Now Use an Ad-blocker The Next Web Microsoft to Abandon Free 1-Year with New Windows 10 Devices Inferse Facebook is Testing a Twitter-Like News App Subscription Insider Netflix Hikes Membership Fee for New Members in Europe Bidness, etc. Houston Sites Try to Grow in Chronicle's Long Shadow NetNewsCheck Why Small…

Weekly Subscription News Round-up

If you weren't convinced that the subscription economy was alive and well, this week's headlines should put you "over-the-top." {Sorry, we couldn't resist!} In this week's news, PayPal's value has skyrocketed since splitting off from eBay, New York Magazine suffered a "hack attack," and subscription companies unveiled a successful second quarter. Here are those headlines and more: …

Subscription News Round-up

There are some big developments in the subscription world this past week, including everything from antitrust violations against Amazon and Apple to PayPal going solo, far surpassing its former partner eBay. Here are those headlines and others you might have missed: TheSkimm relies on readers for audience development Digiday The Financial Times is up for sale Bloomberg Business PayPal Already Worth Billions More than eBay Venture Beat Amazon and Apple Get Tagged for Antitrust Violations Subscription Insider Use 4 Senses in Your Customer Experience…

Coffee Lovers Support 170+ NYC Independent Coffee Shops with CUPS Subscription

Move over Starbucks. CUPS is a worthy rival in New York City! The year-old start-up wants to meet the needs of coffee lovers and independent coffee shops with a pre-paid subscription, ranging from $11 to $120 per month. There are now 170 independent coffee shops in New York City participating in the CUPS program, reports TechCrunch. Here's how it works. Coffee and tea lovers download the CUPS app from the App Store or Google Play. After…

Subscription News Round-up

With the exception of United and the New York Stock Exchange, news of the Greek financial crisis trumped virtually all other news this week. You can read our take on that situation here and how it affects subscription companies, as well as other interesting headlines featuring Sarah Palin, Facebook and Windows. Global Subscription Payments Rejected in Greece: How Subscription Companies Can Help Members & Subscribers Subscription Insider Trials and Iterations: The Globe and Mail Tries to Balance Reinvention…

The Verge: The Latest Site to Turn Off Comments

Comments or no comments? That is the question. The Verge says no. Earlier this week The Verge announced that it was turning off comments "for a bit," however long "a bit" may be. Why? Nilay Patel explains it candidly in this July 6 post: "…sometimes it gets too intense. What we've found lately is that the tone of our comments (and some of our commenters) is getting a little too aggressive and negative - a change…

Global Subscription Payments Rejected in Greece: How Subscription Companies Can Help Subscribers & Members

On Sunday, 61% of Greek voters said "no" to terms offered by European creditors to bail out their financially-crippled country, said CBC News. The victory was bitter though; the country must still figure out how to repay its €320 billion debt to Europe and raise another €60 billion for relief. The first step - preventing the collapse of the Greek banking system which is almost out of money. According to the CBC News article, Greek bank…

Create Effective Online Surveys and Boost Response Rates: 10 Best Practices and 6 Tactics

When you're conducting online surveys, whether it's for market research, customer satisfaction polls or other ends, there are a number of best practices that can help boost your response rate and produce more dependable findings. In this How-To, we outline what you need to keep in mind, from survey creation to dissemination to data collection -- all with an eye on making analysis easy. Discover 10 best practices to creating useful surveys, the 3 types of questions to use, and 6 tactics for boosting your response rate.
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Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.
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