Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers serves as Vice President of Business Development at ACI Worldwide where he helps billers and merchants achieve their market share, revenue, customer experience & cost savings goals. Mike currently leads a vertical team focused on Subscriptions, Telco/Cable and Bill Pay R&D. He also directly leads many of our key relations with the Card Networks. Mike has served the payments industry for the past 25 years introducing numerous payment innovations. On the Bay Area baseball fields, he is known as “Coach Mike.”


Recurring Payment Pain: Remedies for Chronic Subscription Billing Headaches

Today’s subscription providers are plagued by four key pain points that chronically and uniquely challenge their ability to increase retention, lower cost and drive higher profitability: slow payments, payment expenses, poor integration and payment insecurity.

Real-Time Payments: The Future for Subscriptions

While credit cards are popular, real-time and alternative payments are the wave of the future. Subscription companies that adopt real-time payments will improve revenues, reduce payment churn, and burdensome payment processes.