Salt Lick Launches Subscription Service for BBQ Meats and Merch

But only to the first 100 subscribers

Salt Lick Launches Subscription Service for BBQ Meats and Merch

Source: The Salt Lick

Whats better than good ol Texas BBQ brisket and pork ribs? Getting them delivered right to your door. Popular Texas restaurant Salt Lick is making that dream come true with its own monthly subscription service, reports Restaurant Business. For $89.25 a month, subscribers will receive a selection of Salt Lick branded barbecue meats, sauces and merchandise. Among the world-famous Texas treats are brisket, sausage, turkey and other Salt Lick-worthy meats that will be fully cooked before being shipped overnight or via two-day delivery. Starting January 14, 2020, the subscription boxes will be shipped the fourth Tuesday of each month.

But theres a catch. The Salt Lick subscription service is only available to the first 100 subscribers. Subscriptions are available in six-month increments and are priced at 15% off normal retail prices. The service is billed on the 25th of each month but, unlike many subscription services, the Salt Lick subscription cannot be canceled once it has been purchased.

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Perfect for BBQ fanatics, backyard pitmasters, and homesick Texans, the subscription schedule for the first six month includes:

January – Thurmans Pride Brisket

February – Roberts Family Special – two racks of pork ribs

March – Traditional or Spicy Smoked Turkey Breast

April – Hill Country Sausage

May – Bobbys Beef Ribs

June – Bakers Dozen of sauces, rubs, salsas and marinades + a signed Cookbook

The bakers dozen offers a tasty selection that includes Salt Licks original BBQ sauce, spicy BBQ sauce, honey pecan BBQ sauce, original dry rub, garlic dry rub, restaurant salsa, mesquite salsa, medium salsa, spicy salsa, peach salsa, steak seasoning, chicken seasoning and original marinade.

Salt Lick Launches Subscription Service for BBQ Meats and Merch

Source: The Salt Lick

Those not ready to commit to a full six months, or who try to sign up after Salt Lick hits 100 subscribers, can shop in the restaurants online store which includes lots of options, including:

– Barbecued meats (pork ribs, brisket, turkey, variety packs)

– Salt Lick sauces and rubs

– Coffee mugs, t-shirts and baseball caps

– The Salt Lick Cookbook by Scott Roberts and Jessica Dupuy

– Gift certificates

At launch, the 52-year-old restaurant plans to handle subscription enrollments and fulfillment in house.

In addition to the subscription and online offerings, Salt Lick has restaurants in Round Rock and Driftwood, Texas as well as satellite locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin airports. They also have a winery, do catering and host events.

Insider Take:

Prior to writing about it, I had never heard of Salt Lick, though I have visited the Dallas-Fort Worth area several times. I am intrigued – and hungry – after reading about the restaurant and seeing photos of their delicious offerings online. As for the subscription idea, we love it! This is the type of business subscriptions were made for. With a subscription, businesses can try the subscription model to see if it will work for their products and services and then they can scale the business as their subscriber base grows, adding staff and other resources as needed. We particularly like the 100-subscriber maximum at launch. This gives Salt Lick the opportunity to test the idea without getting overwhelmed, so they can be sure to meet or exceed their subscribers expectations. Also, by limiting the number of subscriptions available, they have created intrigue, exclusivity and FOMO (fear of missing out), all of which have the potential to drive people to subscribe.