FabFitFun Expands Into Pet Industry with Acquisition of Petco’s PupBox

The lifestyle brand aims to cater to both human and pet needs by integrating PupBox into its subscription offerings.

In a move to expand its market footprint, FabFitFun, a leading subscription provider known for its women-focused lifestyle boxes, has announced the acquisition of PupBox, a Petco-owned monthly subscription service tailored for dogs. This acquisition marks FabFitFun’s foray into the pet industry, signaling a strategic diversification aimed at enhancing member experiences for both pet owners and their furry companions.

PupBox originated in 2014 from Ben and Ariel Zvaifler’s personal need to navigate the complexities of puppy parenthood. After their appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” where they successfully secured funding, the service gained significant traction, leading to its acquisition by Petco in 2017. PupBox has distinguished itself by offering tailored products and educational materials catering to the developmental stages of a dog’s life, fostering a supportive community of well-informed pet owners.

The acquisition comes as part of FabFitFun’s broader strategy to enhance its e-commerce platform and offer a more diversified range of products and services. Co-CEO Daniel Broukhim emphasized the natural alignment between the companies, citing a shared ethos of self-care and the growing demand from FabFitFun members for pet-related offerings.

“For the past 12 years, FabFitFun has been a leader in the subscription space, and this opportunity allows us to expand more meaningfully into the pet category. In the coming months, we plan to bring our expertise and unique touch to PupBox’s current subscribers, as well as expand reach to our audience with a pet offering on FabFitFun’s platform.” 

-Daniel Broukhim, Co-CEO of FabFitFun

The integration of PupBox into FabFitFun’s portfolio is expected to enrich the subscription experience, offering members an opportunity to pamper their pets alongside themselves.


This acquisition could signify a burgeoning trend in the subscription economy, where companies are increasingly looking to cater to the comprehensive needs of their customer base. By integrating PupBox, FabFitFun not only taps into the lucrative pet care market but also responds to a clear member demand for such products. As FabFitFun integrates PupBox into its offerings later this year, it will be crucial to monitor the impact on subscriber growth and overall market dynamics.

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