Case Study Lesson: Lower App Prices to Gain More Marketing Traction

Subscription Site Insider’s newest exclusive Case Study reveals why lowering the price of your mobile app might be a terrific marketing decision. MapMyFitness CEO Robin Thurston shares that the paid versions of his company’s 20 or so apps (for iPhone, Android and Blackberry) are now priced at $1.99 down from $4.99 but app revenue is still about the same because the company is selling more apps. How?In lowering its app prices, MapMyFitness made its apps more competitive with other low-priced fitness apps and the strategy is now consistently putting a few of their apps in the top 20 list of healthcare and fitness apps. (A quick check reveals MapMyRun and MapMyRide are currently in the top 20 list today.) Many app buyers check those lists for ideas of new apps to buy and so it is a position you want to be in to sell more apps.The move is paying off for MapMyFitness.

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