May 16, 2019

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Build vs. Buy: Should You Build Your Own Tools for Your Subscription Business?

Resource allocation is often the Achilles heel of growing SaaS or subscription-based businesses. Many organizations opt to build their own tools to manage critical processes. But when does it make sense to DIY? When does building your own tools impede growth? When should you hack it?

NBC to Launch Ad-Supported Streaming Service in 2020

Next year, NBC will join streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access and Disney+, but it is putting its own twist on the direct-to-consumer model. NBCs ad-supported streaming service will be free to those who pay for live TV, whether it is through a cable or satellite TV company, reports CNBC. For cord cutters, NBCs streaming service will likely be in the $10 per month range, but it will not give subscribers access to the same level of content.

Quartz Readers Will Now Have to Pay $100 a Year for Full Access

Last week, news site Quartz joined the ranks of publishers who have put up a metered paywall to generate revenue. Readers can access a limited number of articles for free, and Quartz email newsletters and apps will remain free. However, full access to Quartz content will now require a membership, available for $100 a year or $15 a month, following a seven-day free trial. Nieman Lab reports that the membership program actually began about six months ago, but the paywall is new.