Weekly Subscription News: Prescriptions, Predictions and Powerball Subscriptions

Featuring Paddle, Twitch, Target, Paytronix and Nicole Miller

This week’s subscription headlines feature prescriptions, predictions, and Powerball subscriptions.  Paddle raises $68 million to help SaaS companies sell their software globally, Amazon starts selling prescriptions with two-day delivery for Prime members, and the Michigan Lottery is selling subscriptions for games including Mega Millions and Powerball! Other articles this week include Target discontinuing its subscription service, Hertz wanting to expand its subscription beyond car rentals, and Nicole Miller’s launch of a rental subscription service for contemporary women’s apparel.

Paddle Raises $68M to Help SaaS Companies Sell Software Globally
Venture Beat

Amazon Starts Selling Prescription Drugs with Two-Day Delivery for Prime Members

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Michigan Lottery Offering Subscriptions for Mega Millions, Powerball and Others
Detroit Free Press

Twitch Launches ‘Predictions’ Feature, Enabling Viewers to Bet on In-Stream Events

Target Halts Subscriptions as Shoppers Opt for Same-Day Delivery

Hertz Car Subscription Looks to Expand Beyond Rental Cars

Paytronix Launches Subscription-Building Tool for Restaurants, Convenience Stores

Nicole Miller Launches Rental Subscription Service
Yahoo! Finance