Lyft and Grubhub Partner to Offer Free Food Delivery to Lyft Pink Members

Lyft and Grubhub Partner to Offer Free Food Delivery to Lyft Pink Members

A successful partnership benefits subscribers, communities, and Lyft and Grubhub

Lyft and Grubhub are partnering to bring free food delivery to Lyft Pink members through Grubhub+. Lyft Pink is Lyft’s year-old membership program that offers 15% ride share discounts, priority airport pickups, “relaxed cancellations,” access to bikes and scooters, exclusive offers and other perks for $19.99 a month. Grubhub’s paid membership program, Grubhub+, partners with more than 200,000 restaurants across the United States to offer free food delivery (on orders of $12 and up) and exclusive member perks for $9.99 a month.

Lyft launched Lyft Pink last fall to help change how people think about transportation. At the time of its launch, Lyft said Lyft Pink would best serve riders who used Lyft two or more times per week.

Responding to subscriber demand

“Lyft Pink has always been oriented on delivering great value for our members. When we launched, that value was rooted in our transportation network,” said Heather Freeland, Lyft vice president of marketing, in an October 6 blog post. “We heard from our riders that food delivery was a benefit they wanted, so we went to work to make it happen. At a time when Americans are relying on food delivery more than ever, we’re thrilled to team up with Grubhub to bring even more value to Lyft Pink.”

Subscriber benefits

Lyft and Grubhub are partnering to offer Lyft Pink members free food delivery.
Lyft Pink members can now get free food delivery via Grubhub+. Image courtesy of Lyft.

Through the new partnership, Lyft Pink members get a free Grubhub+ membership. Benefits include:

  • Unlimited free delivery from participating restaurants on orders of $12 or more
  • Exclusive member perks including free food, discounts and other offers from popular restaurants
  • Donation matching through Grubhub’s Donate the Change program. All proceeds are currently going to the Grubhub Community Relief Fund to support communities in need that have been impacted by COVID-19.

“Connecting hungry diners to the restaurants they love and giving them the most rewarding experience is our mission at Grubhub. We’re excited to extend these rewards to even more consumers through our partnership with Lyft,” said Alex Weinstein, senior vice president of growth at Grubhub. “Whether they’re ordering delivery on their way home or grabbing something to go, Lyft Pink members can now take advantage of the incredible benefits at the restaurants they love with Grubhub+.”

Transportation remains at Lyft’s core

In their blog post, Lyft noted that transportation will always be their core offering, but they want to ensure their members are getting good value for their money.

“We know that transportation will play an important role as cities continue to open across the country, and we want Lyft Pink to provide value at every stage of that transition. While transportation will always be core to Lyft Pink, we are looking beyond our core offerings to bring our members a perk that is more relevant today than ever,” Lyft wrote.

Insider Take

This partnership is consistent with what we’ve been hearing at Subscription Show 2020. Subscription companies can grow their subscriber base and better serve their customers by partnering with complementary subscription businesses. Lyft and Grubhub are a great fit for each other. Lyft Pink and Grubhub+ are both subscription services that may already share some customers. Those subscribers who haven’t heard about Lyft Pink or Grubhub+ will get the opportunity to discover the other service. Consumers win because they save money with free food delivery, communities who are recipients of the Donate the Change Relief Fund benefit from donations they might not otherwise have received, and Lyft and Grubhub get additional visibility.

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