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Weekly Subscription News: Sports Sites, Copyright and Social Distancing

Featuring Twitch, Reddit, DocuSign, Stitch Fix and Mad Magazine

In this week’s subscription news headlines, companies are trying to adapt to the changing times. For example, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian quit the board, calling for a black successor; DocuSign gets a financial boost from social distancing and remote work; and seven news outlets in the McClatchy chain move out of their offices for the rest of the year. Also this week, Stitch Fix misses earnings estimates, 99-year-old Mad Magazine legend Al Jaffee retires, and sports site ‘The Athletic’ lays off 46 staffers and cuts pay for others.

Twitch Looking to Give Creators More Control Over Clips After Influx of Copyright Claims

Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian Quits Board, Calls for Black Successor
NBC Bay Area

Seven News Outlets in McClatchy Chain Move Out of Offices for Rest of Year

DocuSign Results Get a Boost from Social Distancing and Remote Work
The Motley Fool

Stitch Fix Misses Earnings Estimates, Pivots Business Model

Mad Magazine Legend Al Jaffee Retires at Age 99 After Record-Breaking Career
The Washington Post

Sports Site ‘The Athletic’ Lets 46 Staffers Go, Cuts Pay
Publishers Daily

Facebook Begins Labeling ‘State-Controlled’ Media

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