Weekly Subscription News Round-up for Feb. 12

Featuring Microsoft, HBO Now, Google AMP and Guardian

Subscription Insider's Weekly Subscription News Round-up for Feb. 12

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Year-end financials are beginning to roll out, so there is a lot of subscription news in this week’s headlines. In addition, Wired is offering a subscription option to users of ad blockers, HBO Now is seeing some growth less than a year in, and you can subscribe to an “all you can download” apps subscription club. Here are those headlines for a bit of pre-weekend reading!

Wired is Launching an Ad-Free Website to Appease Ad Blockers
Bloomberg Business

Microsoft Delivers Solid Performance for FY16 Q2
Subscription Insider

HBO Now Has 800,000 Paying Subscribers Since April Launch
Tulsa World

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Forbes Guarantees Its Native Ads Will Work

The Guardian Announces 3-Year Plan to Cut Costs by 20%
Subscription Insider

Viacom’s Stock Plunges 20% as Subscription Growth Slows

Google AMP to Support Both Paywalls & Subscriptions
The SEM Post

Making Every Site One-Click to Checkout

Opera Apps Club Launches Globally: “All You Can Download” Subscription Service
Android Authority

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