This Week’s Subscription News: Mother Jones, Microsoft and Marfeel

Featuring Trump, GM, Amazon, HTC and Time Inc.

In this week’s subscription headlines, Mother Jones magazine sees a surge in reader support, Microsoft’s OneDrive starts limiting its unlimited data storage plans, and Marfeel gives publishers mobile access to Apple News. Also, this week we’re reading about the ‘Trump Bump,’ GM’s new vehicle subscription program, and Time Inc.’s request for formal bids.

Mother Jones Magazine Sees a Surge in Reader Support
San Francisco Chronicle

Microsoft’s OneDrive Starts to Limit Unlimited Data Storage to 1 TB
Digital Trends

Marfeel Gives Publishers Mobile Access to Apple News
Publishers Daily

Trump Bump Grows Into Subscription Surge – and Not Just for the New York Times
The Street

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GM’s Maven Now Lets Users Get a Monthly Subscription for a Vehicle
In Auto News

Amazon Blames Human Error for Cloud-Service Disruption

HTC Sheds Light on VR App Subscription Program
Business Insider

Time Inc. Asks for Formal Bids from Potential Buyers
New York Times