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STAT PACK: Live Streaming

The latest data on the popularity and usage of live streaming

Though live streaming was available before the pandemic, live streaming has gained in popularity, especially as platforms like Netflix try live programming. Live streaming now crosses a wide range of categories: movies, TV shows, news, sports, video games, online chat and video conferencing, online learning, and social media and user-generated content. The most popular content on paid video streaming services was movies at 42%, followed by TV shows at 35% and live sports at 22%. The most popular live streaming platforms in the U.S. are Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. Get those stats, along with top games, shoppertainment and live streaming in China.

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  • Time spent on watching online video worldwide 2020, by content
  • Weekly time spent with online video 2020, by age group
  • Leading video content type worldwide Q4 2021, by usage reach
  • Most popular content types on video streaming services worldwide Q2 2021
  • Hours spent on video consumption weekly worldwide Q2 2021, by platform
  • Reasons for watching video streaming services worldwide Q2 2021, by generation

Global and U.S. usage

  • U.S. live video viewership 2019-2024
  • Most popular live streaming platform in the U.S. 2021
  • Most popular livestream video categories in the U.S. 2021
  • Most popular platforms used to watch live streams in the U.S. 2021, by age group
  • Frequency of watching livestream video in the U.S. 2020, by age group
  • Social live streamers 2020, by region
  • Most popular content for global live streamers 2020, by age
  • Live streaming apps: global time spent 2018-2021

Gaming and eSports

  • Hours watched on leading gaming live stream platforms Q1 2022
  • Live stream gaming hours watched Q1 2022, by publisher
  • Unique live stream channels Q1 2022, by platform
  • Most popular live streamers worldwide 2021, by engagement
  • Distribution of live streaming viewing hours on leading global platforms Q3 2021
  • Worldwide eSports audience size 2021
  • Worldwide eSports viewer numbers 2019-2024, by type
  • Most watched sponsored live stream game segments 2021, by hours watched
  • Co-streaming of global and North American eSports events Q2 2021
  • Top live streamed gaming conferences 2021, by peak viewers


  • Hours streamed on Twitch worldwide Q1 2022
  • Hours watched on Twitch worldwide Q1 2022
  • Concurrent viewers on Twitch Q1 2022
  • Leading games on Twitch in March 2022, by hours viewed
  • Most popular Twitch streamers 2022, by total views
  • Most popular Twitch non-gaming categories worldwide 2021, by hours watched
  • Average monthly viewers of music channels on Twitch 2019-2021
  • Most watched music streaming channels on Twitch 2020/2021

Live events

  • Online communication and video users during COVID-19 in the U.S.2020, by age
  • Music fans` attitude towards livestreaming concerts worldwide 2020
  • Artists’ livestreaming behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic 2021
  • Most viewed music event livestreams worldwide 2020
  • Fortnite: Travis Scott live event players 2020
  • Use of live streams to watch sports worldwide in 2021, by country

Live commerce

  • Global consumer appetite for livestream commerce 2021, by region
  • Leading impressions of using live commerce Asia 2021
  • Market value of live commerce in China 2018-2023
  • MAUs of lives streaming shopping platforms in China 2020, by platform
  • Live commerce market size in the U.S. 2020-2024
  • Leading reasons for consumers to shop in livestreams in the U.S. 2021
  • Consumer interest in shoppertainment in Europe 2020, by country
  • Consumer interest in shoppertainment in Europe 2020, by age group
  • Usage of live commerce in Brazil 2021
  • Main features of live commerce in Brazil 2021

Spotlight: Live streaming in China

  • Number of live streamers in China 2016-2021
  • Number of live streaming users in China 2021, by market segment
  • Penetration rate of live streaming in China 2021, by market segment
  • User growth of live streaming in China 2017-2022
  • Most used platforms for live streaming shopping in China 2020
  • GMV of live streaming shopping on Taobao in China 2017-2021
  • Daily time spent on selected eSports live-stream sites in China 2021
  • Leading eSports live-stream apps in China 2021, based on MAUs
  • Penetration rate of leading game streaming apps in China 2020

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