SiriusXM Launches Platinum VIP Subscription Package

Features include special perks, VIP exclusives and VIP customer service

On Monday, SiriusXM announced the launch of its new subscription tier – the Platinum VIP subscription package. This new subscription package is the company’s latest and most comprehensive subscription to date. It offers subscribers access to all SiriusXM content in up to two vehicles with separate SXM app logins, along with special perks, VIP exclusives, and VIP customer service with priority call handling.

The SXM app includes more than 300 channels, including Howard Stern’s two exclusive channels, podcasts, plus play-by-play for every major sport, sports talk and analysis, events, ad-free listening, Pandora stations, entertainment, comedy, news and more. The new Platinum VIP subscription package is available for $34.99 a month.

“Platinum VIP is a terrific addition to our subscription choices and provides real value for those subscribers who love SiriusXM, want it in multiple vehicles, and want all of the premium programming that we offer,” said Richard Beatty, SiriusXM’s Chief Subscription Revenue Officer, in the company’s July 26, 2021 announcement.

“Not only are they getting the value of two subscriptions, they get added perks like special access to great SiriusXM events, concerts, in-studio shows and more.  With the bundled-in access to thousands of great live performances via, music lovers are getting a premium experience, and Platinum VIP will continue to evolve as SiriusXM’s premium offering with more perks and content being added in the coming months,” Beatty added.

SiriusXM launches a Platinum VIP subscription package. Image courtesy of SiriusXM. features

Among the features of the Platinum VIP package is access to a library of 250 curated, full video-on-demand concerts and 5,000 official audio recordings through SiriusXM partner In addition, subscribers can create custom playlists featuring artists like Bruce Springsteen, Phish, Metallica, Wilco and more through the mobile app, available for iOS and Android or on Mac and desktop PCs. Playlists can be downloaded for offline listening via the app.

Image courtesy of SiriusXM.

Some existing subscriptions renamed, experience improved

Along with the launch of the Platinum VIP subscription package, SiriusXM is renaming some of its existing subscriptions. The programming for the subscription tiers will not change, however.

New names for in-vehicle satellite radio subscriptions, which are also available via the SXM app, include the following:

  • All Access will now be called Platinum (car + streaming, $8.25 a month for 12 months, then $21.99 a month).
  • Select will now be called Music & Entertainment (car + streaming, $5 a month for 12 months, then $16.99 a month).
  • Mostly Music will now be called Music Showcase ($12.99 a month).
  • Choice will now be called Choose & Save.

New names for SiriusXM digital subscriptions (no car required) include the following:

  • Premier Streaming will now be called Streaming Platinum (SXM app, one month free, then $10.99 a month).
  • Essential Streaming will now be called Streaming Music & Entertainment ($0 for first month, then $6.99 a month).

SiriusXM also offers subscription packages for families, students, business, marine and aviation, as well as an a la carte plan.

With the rebranding, SiriusXM says it is improving the SXM app experience for potential subscribers, giving them new preview and in-app purchasing options. For example, a listener who wants to try before they buy can get a three-hour preview instantly without providing a credit card up front. If they decide to subscribe to the Streaming Platinum or Streaming Music & Entertainment package, they can sign up within the app, with the first month free.

“We’re very excited to launch our new preview and in-app purchasing functionality in the SXM App,” said Beatty.  “Our ‘Listen Free’ events have always been a great introduction to our service for new listeners who want to try us out.  Now you can try us out anytime and get access to so much great content with our new SXM App preview.  And signing up for one of our streaming subscriptions is now easier than ever with in-app purchasing.”

Insider Take

For couples or families who want to listen to SiriusXM in more than vehicle or on more than one device, the Platinum VIP subscription package sounds like a good upgrade for subscribers and a new revenue generator for SiriusXM. A few thoughts come to mind. First, SiriusXM offers so many packages, each a little bit different in terms of pricing and content. This is confusing; there are almost too many packages. We couldn’t find them all on SiriusXM’s subscription pages, even the ones that are being rebranded.

Second, we wonder how iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) will feel about in-app purchasing which effectively goes around the app stores where subscribers are downloading the SXM app. Other apps (Fortnite, for example) have been kicked out of the App Store for allowing other purchasing options that bypass Apple, because this violates the App Store’s terms and conditions.

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