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Weekly Subscription News: Hiding, Fighting and Expanding

Featuring Axios, Peloton, Gannett, Walmart and GM

In case you missed them, here are some of the week’s top subscription stories: the Mirror and the Sun both claim to be the most-read online newspaper in the U.K., Axios Local is on pace to generate $5 million in revenue this year, and Peloton is offering big subscription discounts to eligible customers. Also, Gannett fights the FBI’s subpoena requiring the media organization to identify readers of a USA Today story, Walmart sweetens the subscription pot by adding drug discounts, and GM expands its Onstar subscription services beyond its vehicle owner base.

Mirror and Sun Both Claim to be the UK’s Most-Read Online Newspaper

Axios Local on Pace to Generate up to $5 Million This Year

Peloton is Offering Big Subscription Discounts, If You Qualify

Facebook and Instagram Will Allow Users to Hide ‘Like’ Counts on Posts

Gannett Fights FBI Subpoena Requiring It to ID Readers of a USA Today Story
Media Post

Walmart Adds Drug Discounts to Its Subscription Service

GM Expands Onstar Subscription Services Beyond Vehicle Owner Base

Substly Raises $370K from Business Angels to Consolidate Subscription Tracking Service for Businesses
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