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Weekly Subscription News: Retail, Rate Hikes and Rollouts

Featuring Amazon, USPS, WhatsApp, British Airways and GoPuff

In this week’s subscription news, the House passes the PRESS Act, Amazon freezes corporate hiring for its retail business for the rest of the year, and GoPuff increases delivery fees. Also, the U.S. Postal Service wants to raise rates (again) in January, WhatsApp is rolling out a subscription plan for business accounts, and British Airways launches its Avios subscription service for travelers.

House Passes PRESS Act
News Media Alliance

Amazon Freezes Corporate Hiring for Retail Business for Remainder of the Year

U.S. Postal Service Wants to Hike Stamp Prices to $0.63

WhatsApp Is Rolling Out a Subscription Plan for Business Accounts
Digital Information World

Millions in Washington May Have Enrolled in a Subscription Service by Accident
The Seattle Times

British Airways Launches Avios Subscription Service
One Mile at a Time

GoPuff Raises Delivery Subscription Monthly Fee for First Time
Grocery Dive

Job Postings Detail TikTok’s Plan to Bring Its Shop to the U.S.

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