Weekly Subscription News: Bugs, Boxes and Bucks

Featuring Fortnite, Facebook, Peloton and Hulu Live

This week’s subscription headlines include a bug in Fortnite Crew’s new subscription that is preventing subscribers from getting their V-bucks, Manna Pro’s acquisition of dog subscription box Bullymake, and ESPN+’s price increase in its annual subscriptions. Also, Peloton extends the free trial for its digital app, Xbox Game Pass could be adding Ubisoft+ soon, and Hulu Live gets 14 more channels from a ViacomCBS deal.

Fortnite Crew Subscription Has a Bug; Subscribers Aren’t Getting V-Bucks
Fortnite Insider

ESPN+ Annual Subscription to Increase $10 to $59.99

Manna Pro Acquires Dog Subscription Box Bullymake
Pet Age

Google Services Just the Beginning of Subscription-Based Offers in 2021
Media Post

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