Weekly Subscription News: Comics, Connecticut and Competition

Featuring DC Comics, Peloton, Instagram, Charlotte Ledger and CNN

As we roll into the first full weekend of the summer, we’ve got this week’s subscription news headlines for you. DC Comics reverses an industry trend by extending its digital magazine into print, Hearst Connecticut Media Group announces a major expansion, and 6AM City, the fastest growing newsletter-first local media company in the U.S., expands to 24 markets. Also, Peloton turns a free feature on its $4,000 (recalled) treadmill into a $39 monthly subscription, Charlotte Ledger’s newsletter is on pace to earn $175,000 in annual revenue, and CNN plans to sell NFTs of its historic news coverage, calling it “Vault by CNN.”

DC Comics Reverses Trend: Extends Digital Magazine to Print
Media Post

Hearst Connecticut Media Group Announces Major Expansion
The Middletown Press

Peloton Turned a Free Feature on Its $4K Treadmill into a $39 Monthly Subscription
CBS News

6AM City: Fastest Growing Newsletter-First Local Media Company in the U.S. Expands to 24 Markets

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Instagram Rolls Out Ads on TikTok Competitor Reels

Apple Says Tight Control Over Apps Boosts Security and Privacy
Media Post

Charlotte Ledger Newsletter on Pace for $175K in Annual Revenue
Axios Charlotte

CNN to Sell NFTs of Its Historic News Coverage, “Vault by CNN”
The Hollywood Reporter