Zoom Settles Class-Action Privacy Lawsuit for $85 Million

Zoom Launches New OnZoom Platform for Paid Events

Allowing paid Zoom users to host and monetize events

At Zoomtopia 2020 last week, Zoom announced the beta version of OnZoom, a new online platform and marketplace that allows paid Zoom users the ability to create, host and monetize events. Users can do everything from teaching a fitness class and hosting a nonprofit fundraiser to giving music lessons and offering a paid webinar.

“We were humbled and inspired by all of the amazing ways the world adapted to a literal shutdown of in-person events amid COVID-19. When business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes had to find some way – any way – to stay the course and continue providing services to their customers, many turned to Zoom. OnZoom simplifies that experience,” said Aleks Swerdlow, product manager, on the company’s blog.

Platform features and benefits

Paid Zoom users can utilize the new OnZoom platform to:

  • Schedule and host one-time events or event series for up to 1,000 attendees, depending on a user’s Zoom Meeting license (paid events cannot be created more than 29 days in advance).
  • List and sell tickets (min. price per ticket $1). Payments are processed through PayPal, so hosts must have a PayPal Business account.
  • Share and promote public events through email and social media.
  • Reach new audiences.

On the OnZoom platform, Zoom users can:

  • Discover public events through the search feature.*
  • Purchase tickets to events or classes online.
  • Purchase and gift OnZoom tickets to friends and family.
  • Donate to nonprofit organizations through events with active fundraisers via Pledgeling.
  • Join an event.
  • Favorite, share and rate events.

*Hosts can also create private, invitation-only events which are not included in the OnZoom event directory.

This is a sampling of courses in the OnZoom platform's searchable directory.
This is a sampling of courses in the OnZoom platform’s searchable directory. Image: Zoom

Security, ticket and event management

Among the product’s features are increased event security to minimize potential hacks or other disruptions. Only tickets tied to an attendee’s email address and authenticated users can attend events, whether free or paid. For added security, event hosts can enable security options when they set up the event (turning on the video once the event starts, letting attendees join 5 minutes ahead of time, creating a waiting room, etc.) In addition, OnZoom offers ticket management options such as ticket and tier pricing and event management tools and reports to help event hosts track ticket sales, attendance and revenue.

Complement in-person events

The OnZoom platform is not designed to replace in-person meetings and events, when those are allowable again, but to complement in-person experiences. The OnZoom platform is designed to provide an engaging experience for both hosts and users and to promote community amongst groups of people with similar goals or interests.


In OnZoom’s FAQs, the company encourages event hosts to use the best video quality possible. They refer people to Zoom’s hardware partners – Neat, Poly and DTEN – for hardware options to consider. This is part of its new Hardware as a Service (Haas) program launched this summer. Zoom has also partnered with companies who are hosting events and experiences, including WW, Life Rolls On and Beautiful Destinations among others.

Insider Take

The coronavirus pandemic has forced so many companies to adapt how they do business. Zoom is among them. They have leveraged their products and services to create new opportunities for themselves, as well as to assist everyone from entrepreneurs and small businesses to large companies and school districts to create a new normal. Zoom has taken an unprecedented situation and pivoted to successfully meet ever-changing needs, and it has been rewarded by its investors. On October 21, 2019, the company was valued at $65.77 per share. Yesterday, at 11:44 am EDT, Zoom stock was valued at $552.10 per share.

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