Weekly Subscription News: Reboots, Rentals and Runways

Featuring Discovery, Xbox, Cleveland Plain Dealer and Facebook

Weekly Subscription News: Reboots

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In this weeks subscription headlines, rumor has it that Microsoft is working on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that will merge its subscription gaming services, Rent the Runway adds childrens clothing to its monthly subscriptions, and Financial Times hits 1 million paying readers. Also this week, Discovery launches new non-fiction video streaming, MoviePass faces competition, and Facebook considers paying publishers for their news content.

Discovery Offers Subscribers Specialty Non-Fiction Video Streaming

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Will Merge Services for $14.99 a Month

MoviePass Reboot Faces New Challengers to Prove Subscription Model Can Profit
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Rent the Runway Expands Its Monthly Subscription to Childrens Clothing

Financial Times Reaches 1 Million Paying Readers

Netflixs DVD Rental Service Brought In $212 Million Last Year From 2.7 Million Subscribers

Cleveland Plain Dealer Lays Off a Third of Unionized Newsroom Staff

Facebook Is Considering Paying Publishers for News Content