Weekly Subscription News: Politico, Payments and Paid Content

Featuring Samsung, Facebook, ESPN, Uber and Disney

In this week’s subscription headlines, Samsung Pay adds Samsung Rewards to its payment service, another Uber breach reveals 25 million emails were hacked, and experts aren’t impressed with the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica apology tour. Also this week, Digiday reveals that half of Politico Europe’s revenue comes from paid subscriptions, MarketWatch says ESPN’s new subscription service is similar to its previously-free content, and Pivotal Payments announces a new mobile payments platform.

Half of Politico Europe’s Revenues Come from Paid Subscriptions

The ESPN Streaming Service is Not New, Disney Just Wants You to Pay for It

Samsung Pay Adds Samsung Rewards to Payment Service

Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Apology Tour Continues with Full-Page Ads in Major Papers

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