Weekly Subscription News: Instagram, Intuit and iPhones

Featuring Sony, Microsoft, The Boston Globe and BuzzFeed

Weekly Subscription News: Instagram

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We survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it is business as usual as the holiday season gets underway. In this week’s subscription news headlines, Instagram cracks down on fake likes, followers and comments, The Boston Globe looks to cannabis coverage as a revenue generator, and Google looks at shutting down its EU News operation to avoid taxes on links. Also this week, The Daily Star says Sony PS4 is the big winner against Microsoft’s Xbox One in terms of subscriptions, Intuit stock skyrockets after QuickBook’s first quarter subscription activity is reported, and YouTube is showing free, ad-supported Hollywood movies.

Instagram Cracks Down on Fake Likes, Follows and Comments

Sony PS4 Scores Big Win over Microsoft’s Xbox One in Battle for Subscriptions
Daily Star

Intuit Stock Soars on Q1 QuickBooks Online Subscription Surge
Investor Place

The Boston Globe Launches New Vertical on Cannabis
Nieman Lab

BuzzFeed Makes $50 Million in eCommerce Revenue
Media Post

Apple Faces More Tricky Decisions over iPhone Revenue

Google News May Shut over EU Plans to Charge Tax for Links
The Guardian

YouTube Starts Showing Free, Ad-Supported Hollywood Movies