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Featuring BMW, Sony, Square, Vice and FuboTV

In this week’s subscription news headlines, BMW looks at offering in-car subscriptions for connected services, while Jaguar Land Rover launches its Pivotal subscription service. Also this week, Spotify launches a Duo subscription plan for couples, a game developer sues Sony for not paying royalties, FuboTV drops WarnerMedia, and Vice Media urges advertisings to stop blocking ‘Black Lives Matter’ and related keywords.

BMW Explores In-car Subscriptions for Smart, Connected Services

Spotify Launches Duo Subscription Plan for ‘Couples’
What Hi Fi?

Sony Sued by Game Developer for Failing to Pay Royalties
Law Street

Cash App Could Be Worth More Than the Rest of Square Combined
The Motley Fool

Vice Urges Advertisers to Stop Blocking ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Related Keywords
NBC News

FuboTV Drops WarnerMedia Content, Raises Subscription Prices
Media Play News

How Substack Spawned a New Class of Newsletter Entrepreneurs

Jaguar Land Rover Launches Pivotal Subscription Service
Auto Blog

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