The Hustle Launches $299-A-Year Premium Newsletter Trends

For $299 a year, subscribers get insights into startups, startup trends and related opportunities.

Subscription News: The Hustle Launches $299-A-Year Premium Newsletter Trends

Source: The Hustle

The Hustle, publisher of a free daily business newsletter with more than 1 million subscribers, has just launched a premium weekly newsletter, Hustle Trends. For $299 a year, subscribers get access to premium content about new startups and startup trends. In his pithy pitch to potential subscribers, Hustle CEO Sam Parr said readers wanted more in-depth information than they were getting in their daily newsletter. (Editors Note: For a short time, Trends is/was offering promotional pricing of $249 per year.)

They want more than just our expert analysis of the news. They want actionable insights on how to capitalize on the information were giving them, Parr said.

Hustles researchers and analysts review data, analyze reports and speak with industry experts to identify potential opportunities for subscribers. From that information, they will prepare executive summaries, case studies, insights and suggested action steps for their readers.

We track up-and-coming startup opportunities and help you pounce on them, Parr wrote. Who knows…maybe youll come across a piece of information thatll inspire you to become the next Bezos

Premium subscribers will get the following:

Newsletter: A weekly newsletter published each Tuesday that includes case studies and in-depth analysis, offering the latest startup trends and opportunities

Interviews: Audio and text interviews with respected thought leaders and business founders, even those that are hard to get access to, featuring success secrets

Reports: In-depth, but easy-to-digest reports and proprietary insights on the latest trends and case studies that dissect and share secrets of the most successful businesses

Access to a Private Community: Talk to Hustle writers and industry entrepreneurs to help readers better understand startup trends and gather information to grow their own businesses

Q&A: Regular Q&A sessions with business leaders

Here are industry leaders and successful and innovative founders readers can expect to hear about:

Subscription News: The Hustle Launches $299-A-Year Premium Newsletter Trends

Source: Trends

According to Publishers Daily, six of The Hustles 25 staffers will be devoted to the premium newsletter, and they may be adding onto the team if Trends takes off. While The Hustle does not offer a free trial for Trends, the publisher will refund a subscribers annual premium within 14 days of purchase if they arent satisfied with Trends, no questions asked.

The trend here is that people, particularly prosumers, are more willing to pay for information. And this is changing fast. Loads of people are open to this now, Parr said. We think were getting in on this right at the right time.

The Hustle tested Trends for nine months prior to its debut; here are testimonials from two of them.

Trends is like having an army of minions that go out into the world, gather useful knowledge, and bring it back for your benefit. It allows me to see what’s working across different industries and how I can implement these tactics. ~ Noah Swanson, COO, Life Well Lived, Des Moines, Iowa

As someone who loves thinking about business opportunities, I’ve really enjoyed the Trends newsletter. It’s made me open my mind to the myriad of gaps and niches I’d never even considered! ~ Matyass Fulop, owner, DownshiftAus, Saigon, Vietnam

Insider Take:

As Parr noted, other publishers – particularly business and investment publishers – are having success with premium newsletters as a way to diversify their revenue. Some are fairly new, while others, like the 18-year-old Forbes Investor, have been around a while. This concept can work for publishers, but there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each will have to find their own niche and attract and build their audiences to become sustainable.

The Hustle seems to have gone about it the right way – developing a large pool of potential readers, creating a quality niche product and testing it before its official launch. If The Hustle devotes resources to customer acquisition for Trends rather than expecting the premium newsletter to sell itself, this could become a strong revenue stream for the company.