TiVo to Launch TiVo Stream 4K to Compete with Roku and FireTV

Also announces it will be adding 23 new channels to TiVo+

TiVo to Launch TiVo Stream 4K to Compete with Roku and FireTV

Source: TiVo

Just when you thought the streaming wars were confined to AVOD and SVOD services, TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) adds a new wrinkle. Cord cutters now have a new way to access their favorite shows. This week, at CES 2020, TiVo announced the launch of its new TiVo Stream 4K streaming player. The device will allow viewers to access streaming subscription services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and Sling TV as well as ad-supported free services seamlessly.

TiVo Stream 4K will be available for purchase, starting in April 2020, at the promotional price of $49.99, a $20.00 discount off the full price. The device can be purchased at TiVo.com and other retail outlets. Attendees of CES 2020 can preview TiVo Stream 4K through today.

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TiVo Stream 4K device will operate similarly to Roku and Fire TV devices, using a TV HDMI plug-in and a user-friendly, voice-controlled remote control to take viewers to their preferred streaming channels. In its January 7 announcement, the company said TiVo Stream 4K will feature the highest quality audio and video including Dolby Atmos sound and Dolby Vision HDR.

With TiVo Stream 4K, we have created a dramatically better experience for viewers who are tired of hunting through apps and interfaces to find the amazing content available through online content providers, said Dave Shull, TiVo president and CEO. We are excited to help TV lovers and occasional viewers alike make the most of their time in front of the screen and bring together the best of the streaming and TV experiences.

TiVo to Launch TiVo Stream 4K to Compete with Roku and FireTV

Source: TiVo

TiVo has chosen Sling TV as their preferred source for subscription TV, along with TiVo+, the companys own ad-supported channel featuring free television shows and movies. Sling TV will be available on the TiVo Stream 4K box and its free and subscription-based programming will be available through the universal TiVo search function on the TiVo Voice Remote.

Our subscribers are always looking for new ways to quickly find content they enjoy, said Warren Schlichting, executive vice president and group president, Sling TV. This strategic relationship will not only help our current subscribers rediscover TiVo, it will make it easier for new Sling subscribers to make the transition to streaming video.

TiVo also announced that it is adding new content partners to its own video network, TiVo+. They are adding 23 new channels, bringing the total number of streaming channels to 49. For the first time, TiVo+ will offer news from sources including USA Today, Cheddar and Top Stories by Newsy. They will also be expanding their sports (Sportswire and MMA), lifestyle (Conde Nast, Tastemade, Latido Music, Glamour, GQ, Wired) and comedy (Funny or Die and The Chive) offerings, as well as additions to movies and TV. The new TiVo+ channels will be added in the coming weeks, but no specific launch date was given.

In a world where people have more entertainment subscriptions than they can count on one hand, TiVo is working hard to bring everything together in one easy place for viewers, said Shull. This fantastic array of new partners means TiVo+ now has something for everyone, and were making it easier than ever before for viewers to find, watch and enjoy what they love.

Insider Take:

This is great timing for TiVo to remain relevant in a time where streaming competition is steep and getting more challenging every month, as new services roll out. While consumers still care about price, they are more focused on which services have the content they want and the user experience. Is it easy to find the shows they want? Are their favorite series available? Is there enough variety to satisfy different members of a consumers household? There is a maximum number to how many services and devices a viewer will pay for, so each service has to put its best foot forward and constantly look to improve its offerings.