Comprehensive Subscription Management Solutions

Vindicia, an Amdocs company, supports B2C businesses that rely on subscriptions and recurring revenue. Our SaaS-based platform helps fuel growth across the entire subscription management lifecycle, delivering higher revenue at every stage.

Our clients acquire, bill, retain, and grow their B2C subscription businesses on our platform — as they deliver a frictionless experience to their customers. We provide flexibility and remove the stress from subscription management, so our clients can innovate without worrying that billing will hold them back.

Our Solutions:

  • Vindicia Subscribe (formerly CashBox) Our complete billing platform, Vindicia Subscribe drives higher revenue throughout the subscription lifecycle.
  • Vindicia Retain (formerly Select). Vindicia Retain focuses its revenue-building power on retention by resolving failed transactions.
  • Vindicia MarketONE. MarketONE helps you evolve and stay ahead of the competition. The flexible platform combines:
    –Vindicia Subscribe: Scale faster with go-to-market flexibility, global implementation support, and industry-leading retention tools;
    –Vindicia Bundle: Create and join bundles with partners that build audiences, engagement, and loyalty; and,
    –Vindicia Connect: Boost conversion and engagement with frictionless user journeys.
  • Vindicia Subscription Intelligence. Use subscription intelligence to gain an edge as you make decisions. Subscription intelligence combines a real-time view of subscription data with guidance from industry experts.

Business Types Served:

Stage Solution is Designed For:

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