keylight is the only subscription business platform that combines omnichannel commerce, subscription management, billing, and predictive analytics – with one user-centric backbone.

Founded in 2015, keylight started with a small team of dedicated mathematicians to provide consulting and integration services for subscription businesses. Within 4 years we delivered more than 50 enterprise-level projects and solved the most complex subscription use cases. Building upon this experience we applied mathematical modeling and analytics to fundamentally disrupt the finance-centric subscription market. In 2018, we launched our own unified user-centric subscription business platform.

Sustainable subscription success is built on long-term customer relationships. Therefore we analyzed the challenges of touch points between people and automated business processes. By shifting the architectural focus to users – prospects, subscribers and teams – and rigorously using an event-driven data model, we could fully automate all end-to-end processes without sacrificing user experience. With this approach we are able to create a unique solution that truly stands the test of time, offers flexibility and scalability for every subscription business model.

We envision a future where people can seamlessly collaborate through our user-centric technology and have full control over complex business processes. Success becomes an inclusive team effort. Our approach is changing the subscription market, and it has inspired many to put people first and design their technological architecture around them. This success has enabled us to expand across the globe in just 2 years and build great partnerships with many leading subscription businesses.

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