Churn Buster

Stop losing customers to failed payments. Churn Buster automatically boosts subscriber LTV, reducing passive churn for top subscription eCommerce brands. When you plug into Churn Buster, you have a payments recovery process backed by powerful automation and a dedicated team of retention pros.

Enhanced Retries
Churn Buster improves the strategic timing and frequency of card retries beyond what your subscription management platform provides.

Custom-tailored email campaigns
Level up your recovery with email campaigns proven highly effective for leading eCommerce brands, and backed by years of optimization and industry data.

Last Chance Offers
When recovery attempts just aren't working, get in front of churn with a well timed discount.

Enriched Emails
Add order details and imagery to your emails, to remind customers of what they'll be missing out on.

Easy skip/delay
Make it easy for customers to skip or delay orders instead of passively churning.

Your customer retention team
On the passive churn side, Churn Buster has optimized dunning tactics for a decade, leading to the highest possible recovery rates—and the happiest long-term subscribers. And for reducing active churn, our new Cancel Flows is delivering better experiences to customers who initiate a subscription cancellation. This means retaining customers with the right offer at the right time, soliciting valuable feedback, and generating insights to ensure constant improvement.

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