Brad Mehl


Google Explores CRM Re-Targeting: What to Know and What to Do

Remember those ads you’ve seen for web sites that “follow you” as you surf the web? They’re called retargeting ads and they are about to become much more prevalent. INSIDER Guide to Subscriber Engagement walks through how you can plan for changes Google may make in retargeting where the ads Google is planning would be targeted to specific individuals whose email address is known by the advertiser.

Are Data Gaps Holding Back Your Marketing and Sales?

You know your business. You’ve gotten close to your customers, hired smart people and been successful. And you know that having the right information to make key decisions can make the difference between mediocrity and spectacular success. This begs the question: what information are you missing? And do you know what you don’t know?

How to Make Marketing + Sales = More Than 1 + 1

Is there a disconnect between marketing and sales in your company? It’s often said that Sales is from Mars and Marketing is from Venus–two planets in the same solar system but still worlds away. Much has been written on how to better align marketing and sales and the prescriptions usually involve alignment on goals and KPIs and longer term collaboration opportunities.

Build an Ecosystem Around Your Company — the Google way

Many technology companies, and famously Google, have built empires through their ecosystems. A business community or network formed around a company’s mission, assets or products that supports members, builds customer relationships and adds value that scales through ancillary services. When value is created by members — through new services, functionality and content — it feeds the network, increases the importance (and/or size) of the ecosystem and makes the company behind it more indispensable. The result? You get closer to center of your industry’s universe and your customer’s universe.