Spotify Launches Spotify Kids to Reach a New Generation of Listeners

Available to Premium Family members in Ireland for now

Spotify Launches ‘Spotify Kids’ to Reach a New Generation of Listeners

Source: Spotify

Amazon isnt the only subscription company hoping to reach a new generation of potential customers. Spotify just launched Spotify Kids, a standalone premium app designed specifically for kids ages 3 and older and their families. The new app includes a family-friendly curated group of playlists with music and stories from favorite TV shows, movies and plays – think Disney, Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids, Universal Pictures and BookBeat.

Spotify Kids was born out of the desire to create a playground of sound just for kids – to build a place where younger kids can explore their favorite music and stories in a fun environment, said Alex Norstrom, Spotify chief premium business officer.

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The content in ad-free and hand-picked by a team of editors and the experience is bursting with color. Our visuals help guide young minds through the app with simple navigation and scaled-back text. Before setting out to explore, each kid can also select a custom avatar and color theme to personalize their experience, he added.

Spotify Launches ‘Spotify Kids’ to Reach a New Generation of Listeners

Source: Spotify

Initially, the beta version of the app will only be available in Ireland. Following a successful launch, Spotify Kids will eventually be available to all markets that carry Spotify Premium Family. For now, Premium Family master account subscribers in Ireland can download Spotify Kids from the App Store or the Google Play store. Parents can create separate accounts for their kids, select the music and stories they can access and help them choose their own avatar. As the app evolves, Spotify will add parental controls and customization, as well as more stories, audiobooks and podcasts.

Built with safety in mind, Norstrom says Spotify Kids has a different look and feel that varies based on the users age group. For example, younger kids will have a softer, character-based user experience while older kids will see a more realistic and detailed design.

Audio for them, peace of mind for you. All content in Spotify Kids has been handpicked by our editors to be family friendly and fun for kids to explore, says Spotify on their Spotify Kids page.

The only catch is that parents have to be Premium Family subscribers to use Spotify for Kids. For those who arent already members, it costs 14.99 per month after a free, three-month trial. The family plan includes up to six family members living in the same household. Like the premium plan for individuals, Spotify Premium Family allows for offline playing to listen anywhere. It is also an ad-free experience with unlimited skips and nonstop music.

Insider Take:

Subscription companies like Amazon and Spotify are smart to appeal to kids and their parents with their latest offerings. For parents who already subscribe, Spotify is adding value, improving retention because parents are getting more value for the same subscription dollars. For parents who dont use Spotify, this added app may entice them to try it. With a three-month free trial, they have nothing to lose.