EagleRider Expands Its Motorcycle Membership with Two New Options

Premium subscriptions available at a $50 discount per month for a limited time.

EagleRider Expands Its Motorcycle Membership with Two New Options

Source: EagleRider

For the motorcycle riders on your gift list, holiday shopping just got easier. Last week, EagleRider Motorcycles announced the expansion of its Club EagleRider Motorcycle Membership program by adding two new options for motorcycle enthusiasts. With their new RIDE 12 and PICK 6 options, premium memberships give subscribers access to thousands of motorcycles from more than 150 North American locations. Motorcycle choices include everything from Harley-Davidson and Triumph to Husqvarna and Yamaha in classic, cruiser, touring, street, sport, adventure and off-road models.

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We have had thousands of riders join our $29 monthly subscription since we launched it a few years ago. Almost from the beginning, our members have been asking us to deliver a plan that gives them enough credits to enjoy both at home and when they travel. Our new Premium Memberships now give them just that; more days, more models, more choices,” said Chris McIntyre, EagleRider co-founder, in aDecember 6 announcement.

Riders choose a package and get credits to use throughout the month to rent the motorcycle, ATV or trailer of their choosing. For a limited time, in select markets, the premium membership options are available at a discount of $50 per month, bringing the price down to $149 for the PICK 6 plan and $199 a month for the Ride 12 plan. The premium memberships also include two bonus credits. In addition, new subscribers can redeem credits up to 12 days per month, and they can share credits with family and friends. Rental credits can be carried over for up to 24 months. Subscriptions are 12 months in length and are automatically renewable.

EagleRider Expands Its Motorcycle Membership with Two New Options

Source: EagleRider

At first, the new membership options will only be available in select U.S. locations. Most models will require one credit for a 24-hour ride; others require two credits. EagleRider plans to expand to more locations over time.

EagleRider created the motorcycle subscription service to give more people affordable access to motorcycles, and theyve made it simple to reserve and ride a bike. After joining the club, subscribers sign into the EagleRider app, choose their motorcycle, make a deposit, apply the credit toward the price of the bike, checkout and pick up their bike at the reserved date, time and location. They can pick up and drop off at the same location or pick the motorcycle up at one location and deliver it to another. In addition, subscribers get access to exclusive events, rallies, special promotions and other motorcycle tours.

Some restrictions apply, of course. You must be 21 or older, hold a valid drivers license from the U.S. state or Canadian province where you live, have a valid motorcycle license and a major credit card with a billing address in the U.S. or Canada.

Insider Take:

This is a great way to experience a motorcycle, particularly if you enjoy riding but dont own your own bike. You dont have any of the hassles of ownership (e.g., insurance, maintenance, payments), but you can enjoy riding a motorcycle when and where you want, whether it is for a day or a week-long vacation. Because it is 12 months in duration, it is a commitment, however. This is something youd only want to invest in if you plan to use it.