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Weekly Subscription News: Inaccuracies, Internet and IPOs

BuzzFeed employees claim they were shortchanged in recent IPO, HBO Max will soon stream US soccer, and Netflix raises prices in UK and Ireland.

This week’s subscription news round-up features inaccuracies, the internet and IPOs. The Wall Street Journal reports that USA Today owner Gannett gave advertisers inaccurate information for nine months, and dozens of BuzzFeed employees claim they were illegally shortchanged in the company’s recent IPO. Also, following the recent price increase in the U.S., Netflix increases subscription pricing in the U.K. and Ireland, HBO Max will soon stream U.S. soccer matches, and how WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the internet weird.

Dozens of BuzzFeed Employees Claim They Were Illegally Shortchanged in IPO
The New York Times

HBO Max Will Soon Begin Streaming US Soccer Matches
The Verge

YouTube Music Is Starting to Catch Up to Spotify’s Social Tools
Android Police

Is the Apple One Subscription Bundle Worth It in 2022?
Apple Insider

Netflix Increases Subscription Prices in UK and Ireland

Australia Pressured Google and Facebook to Pay for Journalism. Is America Next?
Columbia Journalism Review

USA Today Owner Gannett Gave Advertisers Inaccurate Info for Nine Months
The Wall Street Journal

How WordPress and Tumblr Are Keeping the Internet Weird
The Verge

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