Trend to Watch: Facebook Editions and “Google Editions” to Follow?

In a strategy shift from growing its number of users to getting its users to spend more time on Facebook, the social networking giant is getting ready to serve you your daily news right within the Facebook platform.Forbes’ Jeff Bercovici reports Facebook is “asking a select number of news outlets to produce “Facebook editions” – basically, app versions of themselves that can be read and consumed right there on Facebook.”Reportedly CNN, The Washington Post and The Daily are taking part by The New York Times is holding off, concerned about how the move might affect its paywall strategy. Berovici guesses Facebook is likely asking for a cut of revenues generated by subscription and advertising sales in the app editions.He also hears that Google (with its now 10-million strong Google+) is exploring a similar idea.It is likely that after Facebook and Google┬ároll out these in-network news app with the big players, they will then make the technology available to smaller publishers.Subscription sites absolutely must keep on top of the new ways content can be presented online. You have the content, here’s another way to make money and reach a broader audience.