Recurring Billing Provider Braintree Payment Solutions Raises $34 Million

We’re always on the lookout for the best payment solutions for subscription sites. Braintree Payment Solutions has gotten lots of buzz recently. Just last month, the Chicago-based company raised over $34 million in Series A funding. Braintree also keeps signing on big name clients such as Living Social, OpenTable, Picknik, etc. Here are some things to know if all the buzz has you considering Braintree as a payment solution:

  • Braintree is an all-in-one solution – offering merchant account, gateway and recurring billing.
  • The company is big on avoiding deceptive pricing and fee structures and offers a “truth in pricing” guarantee.
  • Braintree takes PCI Compliance very seriously and it looks like it does a good job getting you set up with PCI best practices right away.
  • Braintree doesn’t lock you into a contract and doesn’t charge a cancellation fee if you terminate your account.