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Google One Surpasses 100 Million Subscribers Amid Alphabet’s Revenue Growth

Alphabet reports significant growth in Google One subscriptions and Google Cloud profits, despite broader challenges in advertising revenue and workforce downsizing.

Google In its latest earnings call, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, revealed substantial financial results, with notable achievements in its subscription services and cloud computing sector. The company reported an overall revenue of $86.31 billion, primarily driven by its advertising sector. However, the spotlight was stolen by Google One, the tech giant’s cloud storage solution, reaching a landmark of nearly 100 million subscribers.

Google One, launched in 2018, extends beyond the complimentary 15GB storage provided across Google services like Drive and Gmail. With plans starting from $1.99 per month, it offers a range of storage options and additional benefits, including enhanced Google Photos editing capabilities and VPN services. CEO Sundar Pichai underscored the subscription model’s success, contributing to the company’s broader subscription business, including Google Workspace, YouTube Premium, and YouTube TV, now generating $5 billion annually.

Google One Subscription Signup page on Feb 13, 2024

The earnings call also shed light on Google Cloud, which has turned a profit for the first time, marking a significant milestone in the company’s challenge against Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Despite its third-place market share, Google Cloud’s profitability signifies a strategic shift towards sustainable growth in cloud computing.

However, the earnings report wasn’t without its challenges. Google’s expensive venture into streaming with the NFL Sunday Ticket did not disclose specific subscriber numbers, yet the company remains optimistic, citing solid advertiser interest and alignment with long-term strategic goals. Additionally, Google’s advertising revenue slightly missed analyst expectations, leading to a 4% drop in stock prices post-announcement.

Alphabet also addressed the elephant in the room – workforce adjustments. Following a series of layoffs affecting around 8,000 positions, the final employee count stood at 182,502 by year-end. Despite these cuts, Pichai signaled the possibility of further downsizing, albeit not at the scale of 2023, as part of cost optimization measures.


Alphabet’s latest financial disclosures underscore a strategic pivot from purely ad-reliant revenues towards diversified income streams, notably through its subscription services. The success of Google One highlights consumer willingness to pay for enhanced digital services, reflecting broader industry trends towards subscription-based models. However, the cloud computing and advertising sectors present a mixed picture. While Google Cloud’s profitability is a positive development, it still lags behind competitors, necessitating continued innovation and investment.

While Alphabet faces challenges in advertising and workforce management, its strategic expansions into subscriptions and cloud computing reveal a forward-looking approach. The company’s ability to adapt and innovate remains crucial as it navigates the evolving digital landscape.  100 million subscribers is a significant achievement.

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