Consumer Reports Crowns Nook “Best E-book Reader”

Amazon’s e-book reader the Kindle holds 67% of the e-book reader market share with Nook by Barnes & Noble in a distant second with 22% of the market, according to Goldman Sachs. So it will be interesting to see what if any effect the latest news from Consumer Reports will have on the market.For the first time since compiling e-book reader ratings, Nook has beat Kindle to win the best e-book reader title.Consumer Reports finds that the Nook has been steadily improving since it was launched in 2009. According to the magazine, “B&N has caught up with the Kindle in large part by emulating Amazon’s focus on reading with minimal fuss and extra features. The first-generation Nook (now dubbed “Nook First Edition” by B&N) has a second, color screen below the reading screen for navigation and boasts an MP3 player, a game, and a basic Web browser. The Simple Touch drops those bells and whistles and the second screen.”If you’re publishing e-books, of course, you want to make sure you’re well focused on which according to Goldman Sachs sells 58% of e-books. But be sure you’re also making your e-books available via Barnes & Noble (and its Nook) which publishes 27% of e-books.