Case Study Lesson: How to Turn Hot News Topics into Paid Content Products

Subscription Site Insider’s newest exclusive Case Study reveals how Judy Doherty, president of Food and Health Communications reveals, turned a news event into a record number of product orders in just 24 hours. When the FDA recently announced that the Food Pyramid would be replaced by MyPlate, Doherty took the following steps to turn news into profit:1. Had her graphic designers and writers ready to create new products explaining MyPlate the moment the announcement was made.2. Prepared product marketing copy and images and listed the new posters, Power Point slides and handouts in her online store within hours of the announcement.3. Created an innovative blog post that took the news and put a unique spin on it (how a McDonald’s meal would look on MyPlate), attracting plenty of natural search traffic.4. Placed pay per click ads for her products with Google AdWords. (Her tests have shown that products that are hot and timely do better with PPC.)5. Reached out to her current customers and offered them discounts on the new product line.

If you would like to see the complete Case Study of Food and Health Communications which includes more details of Doherty’s content creation and marketing strategies join Insider today.
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