June 28, 2012

Subscription Sites to Benefit From New Google Wallet and Google Play Features

Some good news for subscription sites this week from Google. At their I/O conference this past Wednesday, Google Wallet product manager Pali Baht announced that the service is now supporting recurring billing. The change only really applies to digital goods, not goods that are bought in bricks and mortar stores through Google Wallet’s PayPass feature.Google Wallet will charge merchants a 5% fee for small transactions, or a 1.9% rate plus 30 cents for larger transactions. Google…

Sell Your Blog or News Feed on Kindle:
Instructions & Examples from 3 Online Publishers

Even if your newsfeed or blog is free, you can sell subscriptions automatically via Amazon’s Kindle publisher program. All you need is an RSS feed and about 30 minutes for set-up. This is a great marketing and branding tactic for established publications with large audiences or niche sites with a large blog following. Read this HOW TO guide For details, revenue info, screenshots, and a behind-the-scenes look at three publishers’ Kindle subscription programs — including NYTimes.com.