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People-Powered Failed Payment Recovery

Protect your brand, destroy customer churn, and grow MRR with Gravy.

At Gravy we love to watch our clients win, and that’s why we are on a mission to strengthen our clients’ businesses through removing the pain of failed revenue. We work hard to keep their clients and customers staying — and paying.

We specialize in relational and personalized customer retention through failed payment recovery at scale for businesses with recurring revenue models. We use a human-to-human approach, all built around our clients and their specific brands.

If your business relies on recurring payments Gravy can help you recover your hard earned revenue and return it right back into your business.

Payment recovery shouldn't be a burden on you or your team. This is exactly why we exist--  so you never have to think about churn or payment failure again. Ever.

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People-powered failed payment recovery for businesses with recurring revenue models. Protect your brand, destroy customer churn, and grow MRR with Gravy.
Product Description

Gravy Recover

Product Features

Losing Gravy is never fun. That's why we've designed Gravy Recover™ for MRR businesses. You can settle for your bumble deep relationship with a cheap app, or you can delight in the real thing.

Our revenue recovery programs prioritizes people — allowing us to see an average revenue recovery rate between 30 and 80%. Gravy's Figure It Out (*FIO) team awaits to surprise and delight your customers because behind every payment is a person.

Business Types Served
Associations, Business Media and Publishing, Business Services, Clubs, Consumer Media and Publishing, Consumer Services, Data and IoT, Direct-to-Consumer, Entertainment and Streaming, Learning and Training, Magazines, Memberships, SaaS and Cloud Services, Subscription Apps, Subscription Boxes, Subscription Gaming
Stage Solution is Designed For
SMB, Enterprise

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