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Weekly Subscription News: Apps, Ads and AI

Featuring Peloton, Spotify, New York Magazine and Adobe

The subscription headlines this week are dominated by apps, ads and AI. Peloton relaunches their workout app with new and pricier subscription tiers, and AI voices could soon be reading ads on Spotify podcasts. Also, New York Magazine boasts 1 million email subscribers, thanks to Succession, and the Knight Foundation and Georgetown University commit $30 million to ensure that information serves the greater good.

Peloton Relaunches Workout App with New and Pricier Subscription Tiers

US Surgeon General Says Social Media May Be Hazardous to Teen Health
The Verge

AI Voices Could Soon Be Reading Ads on Spotify Podcasts

Why Podcasters Are Selling Subscriptions Through Third-Party Vendors

With Help from Succession, New York Magazine Tops 1 Million Email Subscribers

What’s the Future of Twitter Blue Under a New CEO at the App?
Social Media Today

Knight Foundation and Georgetown University Commit $30M to Ensure Information Serves the Common Good
Knight Foundation

Adobe Adds Generative AI to Photoshop
Media Post

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